Artist , Photographer

Photographs are the most universal form of communication.  Regardless of gender, age, culture, or any myriad of differences between humans, we have the felt presence of immediate experience the moment we view a photograph; we revel in the moment, temporarily transported.  However, we are now inundated with images and desensitized.  Too often we give a callous glance at a photograph for mere seconds, only to jettison attention to the next photograph, ad infinitum.

My passion as an artist is to advocate the importance of the photographic medium and more specifically, the photographic print.  By taking the image out of our digital context and demonstrating its prowess in physical form, we place the highest importance upon the photographic work and pay homage to the medium’s rich history.

Personally, I create images to inspire emotion and insight into our position in life as human beings coexisting with nature and technology.  There is no greater accomplishment for my work than allowing viewers to feel a truly present moment, both deeply grounded and yet ephemeral.

Peace & Love